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Versuri Collecting taxes
- Canibus

trimise de HordyusHordyus.

What? You wanna battle with a Jesus piece, you need luck
You couldn't see me with Jacob piece from Jesus
I lean you back like your spine just cracked
Rhyme chiropractor get paid to adjust raps
Spit somethin, let me see if I'ma bust back
I front back gore yo' a*s 'til you collapse
Spin hats around lightspeed well hubcaps
My gun'll clap faster than Savion Glover taps
Wave the four at you, if it take more than that
I kick down your door before you get the double axe

Strapped for Canibus, just relax
I came to collect taxes, as simple as that
I raid your refridgerator, but other than that
Before I leave I remind you to remember you're whack
Yo my girl loves Usher but she said he gettin cocky
I told her SHUT UP, cause that's the same way she knock me
In the name of hip-hop I rock beats on blocked streets
There ain't an MC that can stop me
Need more beats? Scott Storch ain't cheap
In Virginia, DMP or Nottz got heat
Yo, _I Get Around_ like 'Pac and Shock G
In a drop Jeep, lickin off shots at {? }
It don't have to be a special occasion, I'll be blazin
I'm Jamaican, you know that I don't worship no bacon.

This is real Canibus, leave your nose achin
Niggaz be hatin but on the low they know the flow's dangerous
The hip-hop Joe Namath, never missed a payment
Don't say s***t to me, talk to the niggaz I came with
Kay Slay s***t nigga, Drama King nigga
Bada Bing nigga..