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Versuri Canibus sonya blade freestyle
- Canibus

I practice the "Art of War" like Bone Thugs
Like "niggawut? I'mfinnagetgunandstickemup"
And crush a thug's bones wit a chrome slug
Leave you layin dead in ya own blood
Foamin at the mouth like soap suds
See what the fo-fo does?
You know what?
I'm 'bouta get mad as f***k
And blast you in da gut
You niggaz ain't had enough?
I'm da scariest

You've ever seen
Wit genetically dominant genes
A supreme being
I fiends to rock them
Til I'm top of the top ten
After 12 O'Clock
I get worse than Rakim
Then I make ya whole crew sweat my music
Cuz I do get
In ya ears like a Q-Tip
Too quick
Fa you to refuse it
You're defenseless
Mental blows'll hit you in tha dome like clenched fists
Competetion is usually forced to forfeit
My telepathy benchpresses more than a forklift
Don't even step to me on some bullshit
Nigga you betta off playin Russian Roulette wit a full clip
I'm knockin niggaz out
And knockin niggaz off
Fa comin around da way wit dem Lugz that look like Clarks