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Versuri Canibus jurrasic 5 freestyle
- Canibus

Yo, Me and Jurassic 5 in a chromed out Navigator
Countin paper
Who wanna taste tha new flava?
We go hard
Like terrorists smugglin bombs
Blow up the plane fuselage wit da President on board
Startin problems
Bringin drama regardless
We get our point across like a trapeze artist witout fallin
Twin turbine rhymes wit 4 thousand pounds of thrust
If you one of dem niggaz who only trust what you can touch
When you see gimme a pound and shut the f***k up
No diggity
I smack rappaz silly fa drillin me
Lyrically, the hardcore methapor war trilogy

Wit tha verbal chemistry
Punks can't undastand
How Canibus kills a man wit less than ten lyrical milligrams
Of da illest jams you eva seen or heard
Special operatives rockin this to get the propa burn
Lemme pass it to my man on the right
So he could spark da mic.

Canibus is above da law
I make cops s***t in they draws
They won't even dispatch the call if my name is involved
While you pray to allah
Reading your Koran and ya teachings of Muhammed
I'm in my crib studyin Thuganomics
Punks wanna murda me
That's why my burgundy Suburban be fulla secret service security
Transportin me back and forth from tha Affirmative Action University
And aifcrafts take off ad land vertically
Tha fact that I ain't treated like a king is absurd to me
From the streets of Dirty Jersey to Germany
Niggaz heard of me
Verbally murderin you thoroughly without F'in
I get drug tested before I can rhyme on a record
Remarkable specimen with an audible weapon
Processin lyrics in less than one onehundredth of a second
Bring it
Bullets and barrels?
Spin it
Finga *meses up*.

[His verse from "Boyz 2 Men"]