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Versuri Canibus and a freestyle
- Canibus

I can kick a freestyle anytime you demand it
Brain's hi-density
And my memory's expanded
Breakin sound barriers like the LockHeed
Even wit knock knees
I run across rough terrain at mach speed
Canibus is crazy enough
Genetically engineering 8 leaf clovers for twice the luck
Canibus is my name
Played the freestyle game
Physical brain is in better shape than Jack Lelain (sp?)
While you sit and wonder
How I just took the life of another
Me and my brother
Hop in the jeep and burn rubber

Go to my mothers
Switch cars
That was clever
She said son I love ya
But they gonna handcuff ya
Cold war veteran
Used to assemble weapons
For the Kremlin
Discipline like Olympic gold medalists
Rememba this
Never ever ever take protectionless
Cuz nowadays what you can catch is
Very infections
Less you got a deathwish
And you wanna mess wit
Women who poison
The walls of they wombs wit asbestos
These streets is treacherous
Listen to me when I tell you dis
Whatever you tryna buy
Somebody is sellin it
Somewhere, Somehow
You get gunned down
When the guns go blow
Just cuz you was runnin ya mouth
All my people in Toronto
Sayin no doubt
You a punk
Stop frontin
And put da gun down
Kick a rap now
Lemme see if you could freestyle
Throw it on the DAT now
Lemme show you how to black out
Next year you'll be walkin down the "How Can I be Down Conferance"
Wit a laminate
That says I got played out by Canibus