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Versuri 33 threes
- Canibus

In linear terms
thirty third degree in a third
Will give u thirty third degree burns
First I write thirty three lines to a verse
about how I created the earth out of 33 quotes
33 of my peers never thought it would work
for 33 days i started my relentless research
and i figured if Jigga could do "22 Two's"
as an emcee that I could do 33 Threes
??? (especially/something occured) at three thirty on march 3rd
It came to me like God's word
I started to load my 33 caliber???
Went to the top of the Empire State on 33rd
33 gunshots was heard

33 pedestrains lay wounded and dead on the curb
33 squad cars rushed to the scene
as soon as they heard
some madman had gone berzerk
I demanded 33million
or I was going to kill 33 of the women and children in the building
I gave them 33 minutes to respond
then I proceeded to arm a backpack nuclear bomb
I set the timer for 3 hours and 3 minutes long
Told them not to try nothing funny or I kill them all
They still never responded
till I saw 33 of the SWAT team jump out of 3 helicopters
I told them for the third and final time
If they cross the line again I'll take 33 lives
3 of the hostages started crying
3 of them started wilin'
and convinced 3 more to start a uprising
3 of them stood to they feet and started freestylin
I didn't know what to do so I started rhymin
I tried to kick 300bars
but i got picked off by a sniper from 33yards
The bullet hit me but it got lodged and ricocheted
of 3 organs 3 inches away from my heart
My name went down in history
as the illest emcee to
and counting 33 threes.