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Versuri 103 jamz freestyle
- Canibus

No doubt Ya'll
Why not
can-i-bus about to blow up the spot
103 Jamz
Yea, chillin wit my man
Wit the Sean John shirt on
Uh - Swift hands
Cut the record up
*scratching in the background*
Bout to bust it up.

Yea, Yo
I radiate, like plutonium rods that glow
Got ya counters drumroll when i'm about to flow
Patriarch wit the heart of Napoleon Bonaparte
Stomp across continents to conquer my art
I'm a millenium lyricist
Area 51 physicist
Rhymes hot enough to melt the wax on turntable before the DJ
even starts spinnin it
My rhymes could melt the wax right off the back of Kid Icarus
Sharper than the s***t you shank niggaz wit
Sharper than scissor tips
Sharper than rings on RZA's fist
It's ridiculous
How so many of you niggaz figure dat
Maybe we could get a name is Canibus disses us
I know how you niggaz think
You figure since
You already a p***y
You might a well gimme syphalis
Envious cuz ya rhymes are infinite
And you lyrically limited to the little boxes you livin in
I'm as dangerous as they come
Dangerous with or without a gun
I been dangerous since day one
Rhyme blows explode like pyros

Stick to ya ribs like chicken and thick gravy from Roscoe's
You get ya head flown if you dumb in da dome
Or struck wit some stones til you feel numb in the bones
You betta keep ya big mouth closed
For i stick the mussle of dat chrome in the hole unda ya nose
Send a signal to my index and tell it to fold
In the direction of my wrist bones to release ya soul
I told you to freeze
If I was you I woulda froze
But you chose the other route - got blown from the hose
Pistol to ya mug
Cripple ya tongue
Rip thru ya lungs
Write ya name on ya tombstone
Scribbled in blood
C'mon gimme a little love
Did anybody out there
That never felt one line that Canibus bust
You a lier-lier
Pants on fire
Watch the G. O. A. T wit the ghostwriter
Get slaughtered by a tiger
Saw his video
Smeared his career like doo-doo inside a pamper
My style's is sicker than infected women and men
I'm so raw I could catch AIDS without stickin it in
Flipped and dipped like shrimps and scampy
Switch my language like a black kid raised by a spanish nanny
Til whenever you can never explain
Cuz compared to me ya brain is the size of a sand grain
A real pain in da a*s
That got smacked for sayin my name
And now you look like an a*s in pain
Guess what?
Got F'ed up
Cuz you shouldn't've stood up
Sweeter than the hand fulla
Gandulated sugar
Niggaz runnin they mouth like i can't get ta dem
But watch the s***t hit the fan
When that cat Can pull up
No question
Get wrecked in
Less than
A nanosecond
For messin wit me
Or my bredgren
You can't stop progression
You can't hold back what's destined
And you definately coach perfection
Be the only nigga standin
After Armageddon
Take a hammer and smash
The stone ya name was etched in
Then i'll announce I'm runnin for the new election
Anybody wit an objection gets the death sentence
Death by lethal injection
Death by beheaded
Death by gettin shot wit a weapon
But if you wanna be remembered
Then death by gettin ya head severed
Is an honorable way to end it..

103 Jamz
It's the Canibus man
Blackin out fa ya'll
Yea, 1 time
This is how we do
On the M-I-C
Where we emcee
Brain cell never empty