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Versuri Candyskins - Too much to ask

h's the first time i've ever felt this lonely
wish someone would cure my pain
h's funny when you think it's gonna work out

i thought you were cool until the point
Up until the point you didnt call me when you said you would
Finally fiqiured out your all the same

Everytime i try to make you smile
Your always feeling sorry for yourself
Everytime i try to make you laugh
you cant your to tough
you think your loveless
is that too much that im asking for

Thought youd come around when i igored you
sorta thought youd have the decenay
But babe guess you didnt take that warning
cause im not about to bok at your face again

Cant you see that you lie to yourself
You cant see the world though a mirror
It non't be to late when the smoke clears
Cause i am still here


Cant find where i am
lying here alone in fear
afraid of the dark
knowone to claim alone again


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