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Versuri The ebony throne
- Candlemass

Where's the muses cave
The isle of the dead
The sign of Eph is gone
So is the sun
Tired and confused
I sail into the night
With the devil at my shoulder
I'll be fine.

I ride the straits of darkness everyday
No light will lead my way from my pain

Drowned in tideless pools
No haven for my mind
In grief I meet the storm
Eye to eye.

On the ebony throne
Lies the diagonstone
My voyage to vanity
Oh, take me there
To the ebony throne
I followed the sirensong
No enlightened society
Can bring me back
in the maelstrom of minds
Like a will-o-the-wisp
I sail on..

I sail the depths of apathy alone
The world is fading
I 'm a long way from home