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Versuri Yall some dead m*********s
- Cam'ron

Artist: Cam'Ron
Album: Purple haze
Title: Yall some dead motherfurckers.

(verse 1).

everybody out at the roc the mic tour
i'm back in th kitchen rocking the white raw
copping ya pint four
locking ya nice doors
i pop in ya light four with chickens that like gore
they clickin they like war
fixin to fight for
look at my ice for sure ya sight's sore
we all wearing links
as i perpare a drink
glare and think
how i got the whole new york wearing pink
girls they stare and wink
how i flare the mink
drop the top pop a throttle
hop the spots pop a bottle
seen paid in full now i'm in blockbuster
and i'm paid in full still on the block buster
9 4 rockrucker 01 rob rucker
shogun show guns blow gun
you not gutter
little inside joke for you c*******s
my block sucker
popcorn and hot butter
like it's the movie theater
but it's the uzi area
whodie who called whodie who produce hysteria
and me i aint no coat tail bitch
i get the motel six
with them wholesale bricks.

better be love
i'm leavin depend it all
to get your love
jump back
glock cock
aim shoot
yall some dead m*********s

(reapeat 4 times).

(verse 2).

get in the car.

i'm the s***t in the car
i do like alfred though s***t in ya car
pop a squat in the drop
take a drop in the drop
while you droppin the top
unlocking ya locks
damn last year yall got a mask and yall robbed
i imagine it's hard
yall asking for jobs
realize i'm attached to the mob
sell the crack in the park
blow the sacks in the saab
the chrome give you skin burn
in ya dome like ringworms
and niggas comin home
they my interns
we the cake couple
put together great puzzles
the hood aint loves us
the hood together we stay subtle
juggle bubble
why yall niggas hate tussles
i aint always hustle
i was mase muscle
they had the one so he bought the body
i had the gun so i caught the body
done son or in the lobby
i stayed with the gunshooters
jum movers
razoo kahluah
turn one ruler
to sun dueler
and the same brother that you knew
came through in the range same color as yoo-hoo
yall know that's the same color as doo doo
i'm the s***t call me pepe le poo poo
and i got esses scookle
get fresh yay like they loo loo
for fresh yay they'll do you.