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Versuri Where the f***k you at
- Cam'ron

Move 'em in, move 'em out
Trapped in shoot it out
Bone a w****e
Corner store
Want it raw
On the floor
Tie 'em up, lie 'em down
F***k yall niggas crying now
Killer Cam
Side town
F***k yall niggas ridin' round
Creep wit da toast
Keep it close
Never know when you'll see da gross
From my yaht you'll see coast
From my block you'll see toast
Love da way I grab dat cash
Now I laugh
You love the way I smack dat a*s

You'll sniff foul powder
Over clam chowder
Yall lil' rascals like Alfalfa
While we listenin' to wild salsa
La la bomba
Come through in the Hummer
La la bomba
Face down a*s up
That's the way we like to f***k
After that pucker up
Babygirl we like to suck
Sucker what
Never duck
That's not what my hoods about
Hood without a doubt
So bitch put it in your mouth