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The roc (just fire) - versuri Cam'ron |
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Versuri Cam'ron - The roc (just fire)

[Memphis Bleek]
Yeah... yeah, nigga...
Just Blazin' this s***, ya heard?
It's ya main man... I'm back niggaz... HOLLA!

My break I'm fresh off it
I never change, I'm stuck in these ways
Nike Airs, sweats and Taurus (uh?)
But I'm-a do it for my enemies
They wanna end my chill, wanna see what that villa be
Now what that sound like?
Plus they know what a clip get down like
Turn bags from bladders, legs to wheels, paint it peels
Cuz u f***' wit' a nigga that'll jump out, raise the steel
I live this way it's real... dog... no joke
Blow smoke in ya bitch face, p***s in ya wheels
Slap ya custies, clap your workers, dead the strip
Stick ya connect, yap ya bitch
So let it be known I'm back for my grizzley
The Sergeant, the Cap, the Mac holds 60
For rookies and vets I'll bang 'til it click
So run and tell ya duela the Ruger come wit' two clips, dog
M-Easy, won't leave, my hood need me
Pop fa' sheezy, who don't believe me?
We all criminals but live like a diplomat
We get low, when the dough low, get it back

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