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Versuri Cam'ron - Shanghai

Shut the f***k up punk!
Give me that s***!
You feel sorry for who!!

Gave you head before I stormed in
Muthaf***ka, any problem yo I want in
I'm here to win
Every mornin
I'm yawnin
While ya'll are boardin
The store and showin that you're fake bringin some corn in
Meat, rice, and poultry
We all know how you get your money
Don't insult me
For me not steppin
You can fault me
Yeah, I chill
But we are about to split this muthaf***ka
Like SugarHill
See your man
He thinks he's wise
Tell him chill
He ain't the only one with chinky eyes
Yo, I'm related to him
And I'll put eight through him
When I skate though him
And my co-d
I don't think you know is take to him
And before it's over
I'll have this whole f***kin store with that smoke aroma
And yo, your wife keeps twitchin
Than we both can bone her
Real quick, real sick
Pull out dick
Then nigga go on and riff
I'll have this whole f***kin clip
On some raw dog s***t
Close that gate
It's time to negotiate
Now your store really could fulfill my needs
Got now and later seeds
Niggas need dungarees
We in the middle of Harlem
What we need for them ski's
That's the coverup nigga
For the weed, guns, and keys
But ya'll is gettin live though
I ain't gonna cry yo
I just wanna get paid off, nigga
Like five-0

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