Live my life (leave me alone) - versuri Cam'ron |
Live my life (leave me alone) - versuri Cam'ron |
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Versuri Cam'ron - Live my life (leave me alone)

[Verse 1]
Now that I'm here niggaz wanna wrap the ROC up
Nah, backslash wrap the rocks up, back the block up
Cop killers, clap at coppers, blast at choppers
Pass the vodka, listen, don't ever mention Dash or Hoffa
It's a Harlem thing dog, you'll clash with Mobsters (uptown)
Remember me? Got jumped on TNT (what's beef?)
Next week, back pump TNT (what's beef?)
All my niggaz got M-16's kid
And all we do is watch MTV Cribs
Learn not to in fury the victim
Purially stick 'em, break through your security system (KILLA)
Stop frontin', you was never a menace
Never a hustla, NO, we could never do business
Business is business, money is money
Hustle is hustle, stupid is stupid
You da dumbest of dummies (Killa)

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