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Versuri Cam'ron - Glory

I'm here now!
Ha! Ha!
I'm here now!
They should have never let me in the muthaf***kin game b!
They done f***d up lettin me in Un
They done did it to themselves man!

Eh yo, you see him
Cam in the BM
Wit the Koreans
To G 'em
Wit land in Korea
Take the leer jet flight
Thursday night
Y'all f***k up it's worth your life
Huh, you niggaz heard me right
Uggh, for that persian white
I go to church of christ
Search a life
First to cut a nigga for his merchandise
My niggaz ball for weight
Sprinkle ten grams of coke on their corn flakes
To make em frosted flakes
Oh, these jewels on my neck
You'll say the Lord I'm saved
My s***t cost some cake
You think you can afford a date
But yo your men should know
That my crew, we intend to blow
Treat you cats like Martin Lawrence
And motherf***kin end your show
When I say no
What don't you understand the N or O
Like that nigga Jigga said
Yo, you either friend or foe
So respect my wish
I'm a perfectionist
And wit the gun
Is the only time a nigga plays catch or kiss
Check the list, how many necks I twist
Who expected this, Exodus
Blow over night, or even s*x a bitch
But she catch feelings everytime I hit her off
On my dick so bad I need Cochran to get her off
Ask my nigga Digga
Or my other nigga Mr. Ross
The point we get across
To make it that you get across
And cats like you, get mad and wanna holler rape
But you live in the burbs'
Your business is on the holidays

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