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Get 'em girl - versuri Cam'ron |
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Versuri Cam'ron - Get 'em girl

I get the boasters boasting, I get computers puting
Y'all get shot at, call me, I do the shooting
I do the recruiting, I tutor the students
I nurture they brain, I'm moving the movement
Whether buddist or budah, that's judist or juda
I got luger to ruger, hit from +Roota to Toota+
Chick from hooter to hooter, I put two in producers
I'm the real boss story, the hoolah of hoosiers
I rock mostly dosey, I roll mostly dololy
I'll leave you wholy, holy, you'll say "Holy Moly"
Here come the coroner get 'em, play "Rolly Poley"
I'll tell you true stories, how I coldly hold heat
When it's repping time, I get on extra grind
Fried to fricassee, pepperseed to pepperdine
Jeff Hamilton, +Genesis+, leather time
Bitches say I'm the man, I tell 'em "Nevermind"

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