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Versuri Cam'ron - F***k you #2

trimise de DariayoanaDariayoana.

B, I'm feeling it from the heart now, B.
Yo straight up, yo, this Murder, Harlem World is the clique
I'm with my nigga Killer, and we bout to lay it down 4 y'all niggaz
All yall faggot a*s niggaz out there that wouldn't give us $300 dollars for
the tape
To make a demo, F***K YALL NIGGAZ!
All y'all bitches that wouldn't suck my dick when I was Mason Betha
And all yall bitches that wanna f***k my nigga*
Huddy Combs cuz he roll wid me, F***K YALL BITCHES!!!
All y'all niggaz that f***ked around and made my nigga Blood can't be here
Poppin' on niggaz, mayn, F***K YALL NIGGAZ!!

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