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Versuri Ghost of the past
- Caloianu Elena Cosmina

trimise de XxcosmyxxXxcosmyxx.

I thought you really love me
So hast thou forsaken
You abandoned me

I shed tears
Until we understand
Its not my fault but yours
Because you did not know how to appreciate me!.

You missed your chance
You broke my heart
In two pieces
There is nothing human in me!.

I am a beast
And I will destroy
So beware
The past is back!.


Hanna, I helped you
I got rid of all inferno

And how did you rewarded
You killed me!.

Aria, I have accepted you when nobody did it
Youre my work of art
I have created you
And thou hast destroyed!.

Emily, remember past
When we kiss secretly
And I swear you love?
It appears that your love has turned to hate!.

Spencer, you were the most courageous,
You tried to defy me
I have threatened to kill if one more step
And it looks like you did! You killed me!