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Thugs in us - versuri Califa Thugs |
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Versuri Califa Thugs - Thugs in us

Who I be that SD G
Pretty sure all mothaf***kas know me
Every single time and time again
Been known for that flippin a*s rhymin
South of A is where I lay
Growin up in the streets of California
This is how we sway
Especially when you see us puffin on goncha
All day every day
Everybody wanna sip some Aleazy
S***t all day every day
Man don't they know that s***s I play
True to life thugs don't give a f***k
You'll never find us clearly stuck
If we don't have enough, just jack a truck
Full of that beer we scandelous

{Chorus 1: OFI {Mr. Sancho}
There's a thug in us
{When we're drunk and high}
There's a thug in us
When we're on Southside
There's a thug in us
{When we're mobbin right}
There's thug in us
{That's thug for life}

{Chorus 2: Mr. Sancho}
What do you mean
Cali's up in the scene
We're droppin lyrics on em
Cause we're makin the green

Silencer comin at you
From the Low Profile
Find a little bitch gonna make it wild
Anybody wanna test then I'm gonna blast
Comin at you like an avalanch
We're never gonna die just multiply
Anybody wanna cruise til they get to ride
Look into my eyes so I never lie
And we're gonna have fun in the 619
With a vato like me
Cause we're gonna bong
Everybody say my name
When I'm in the song

{Mr. Sancho}
Bitches smilin, Low Profile
Cruisin down Highland
On a Sunday Night and
Gotta be able to full fill the need
Gotta smoke a little weed
No more ecstacy
Has to be legal
While we cruisin in a regal
Tok a little smoke
Now we're gonna act illegal

{Chorus 1}

{Chorus 2}

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