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Versuri Cage 9 - Zid

Zid, where's the flo?
The stop and go?
The high and the lo?
I used to want to know,
but then came the liquid logic
with the music around it,
and I'm glad that we found it.
Now we've become lost in the undertow.

Yippeeay, where'd you want to go today?
Sonic hi-5, I'm glad to be alive.
Audiophiliac, I'm gonna take it back.
I'm not gonna let those f**king bastards
break us like a heart-attack.

Open your mind - let it burn deep inside
(master-blast your dome)...

The only way I know.
The only way I wanna go.
Falling from the sky.
Takes a peice of I.
I'm not givin' up.
Until I've had enough.

I don't know, how it got so far.
Tried to be a star,
got to be who you are.
I don't know but,
it really sux yeah,
n' I... and to your ears, suddenly it appears.
Close your eyes tonight.
Open up your mind.

We all need ways to survive.
We all need day as well as night.

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