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Versuri Beauty queen
- Caffiends

(v1) They set the standards high
quotas that cant be met
the life of a superstar
I forgot how unforgettable you are
110% the beauty queen
faces on the TV set
dictate what beauty is
honestly you got the gift
(ch) Dont forget who you are
When you run from home dont run too far
take my hand walk with me
Dont forget who you are
I Wont Let Go
(v2) Throw out the magazines
the sacred is now obscene
The Romans fell in the end
Id burn the whole city and
make them start again
Their wisdom holds no value
priceless virtue in your heart
when I look into your eyes
I see a child of God on the inside
This is not a test a glimpse of things to come
Ill live with my mistakes that can not be undone
This is my attempt to right all of my wrongs
kick the straight facts and go out strong
(B. D.) Dont forget who you are