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Versuri Cadillac Tah - Pov city

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Verse1: Now everybody just bounce bounce
my pov city hustlers bounce all me hood
slimmies and panamamies seek hell
We fall off in the club its nothin but love
Pretty bottles of skimmy and sticky bud
and its 50 50 luv.
All across the bore dog
gully respect gully never falls for row dog
get out of my character when she back it up
but after such good preformance i had to get up on it
Ma I give it how u want it make u a new lady
Poker open her crazy
now all day she two way me
type of s***t like ooooo baby
Everything u do is gravy
models Im hittin lately
So all u can do is hate me
Stare me down and skrew face me
Hype your man up to lace me
C'mon all ya'll butter soft swetter to taste me
My hands rip two hammers
double action prime time mince the acts.

Chorus: Now get your m*********n hands up high
Touch the sky and if u holdin white then get it up
Mammies in the club lookin right o u ain't spendin the night give her the
pen number mommy hit me up.
Keep the sky tailed tag
Until i get u in the back of the jag
After we burn a bag
I'ma bring the guns
O you a baller then ball to this
my pimps, gangsters, and dogs
I ain't mad at u playa
Play on Play on

Verse 2: And then we holla out
Gangsta Gangsta
Paper chaser I love the cape
And pietite mammies with the coke bottle shape
So keep shakin that money maker ma ma I
can't hate ya
Its a cold world ol' girl
Now take advice from a pimp
While im spittin this vinimious
into missin women
Crone rims glissinn' on the lac truck
Traffic get backed up we in the cloudest smoke from vinx
Im heavy wieght and I ain't speakin bout pounds and vinx
Use to spit off the sport but now its business
When u see me holla like u know me i ain't scared hommie
Pick up the mic and put down the rap and flow
Now I rap and flow wit a fire acid flow
You know
And God I ain't got to repeat it
Right infront of your eyes u see it
The best test reader m*********r

Chorus: Repeat from last time

Verse 3:Now everybody just
(singer) Ride..........
If u sittin on dubes in that big body rollin up drugs and get
(singer) High.......... Murda its Murda
Now u know its only right and nessescary
That I snatch ready that we spittin heavy
Bombs medaphors dog nigga its gravy
Switzer better belive im focus now
Feed you to the vulchers murderest
poster child.
Click, Clack, Blaw
The pound sure to drop
And catch you full of that Harlem born on a mop
Its for love, livin, and love them thugs, Women
Who will hustle and grind
When its hard times
Playa we came in this game wit no gimicks
And finish the minute your frame
Get hoes in it
Straight business wit No Limits
Like Master P
So if u bout that strill on my nilla
and stack them g's
and stwist up burn the vanilla dust
we livin up
no bread.... and big red we givin sluts
I'm just a villain
willin to kill for that pot of gold
You gotta know its all for the dow

Chorus: Repeat from last time

Tah: Yeh its a playa event
All my playas ya heard
Pov City
Part of the grinsey
Yeh its goin down
2001 Murda Murda
Ugh Gangsta Gangsta

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