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Versuri Cadaveria - Omen of delirium

trimise de AdrianajAdrianaj.

Disciples of obsolete and unthinkable
commerce scrawled in Etruscan language
Dependents on not yet synthesized drugs
People of the black market
of the third world war
Practicing absurd telepathic sensitivities
Obstetricians of the spirit
Investigators of dissipations denounced
by bland paranoiac chess players
Servants of unlikely fragmentary guarantees
transcribed in Jewish stenography
Imbuing the spirit with unspeakable mutilations
Surly police officers of not prostituted lands
Junk dealers, sellers of delicious nightmares
and of yearnings dried on cells
saturated and affected with unknown pathologies
Bartered with the rough material of the will
Drinkers of heavy fluid sealed in shining
amber of dreams.
I shell never forget the unspeakable horror
that froze the lymph in my glands,
when the maleficent word scared my shaky brain.

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