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Versuri Cab Calloway - Complete

expensive promises i made
all of the chances that i take
never learn to appreciate our time
lie awake all through the night
memories by candle light
keep them safe locked in my mind


i heard you calling to me (you called to me)
i know now i am complete (i am complete)
whats lost in the moment
got carried away
heard the sound of you calling my name
now i am complete

misplaced trust and honestey
should have known the time to leave
close my eyes and imagine i was there
opened up and said to much
parts of us remained untouched
keep them safe locked in my mind


unsaid words communicate
think the time will never take
look for me and i'll do the same in time
now tomorrow seems so clear
whisper softley to your ear
keep me safe locked inside your mind

chourus x2

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