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Deja vu - versuri C21 |
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Versuri C21 - Deja vu

Am I right
If I believe I've seen a ghost on the moon
Am I wrong
When I pray and suddenly it says boom
Am I real
I'm a lion, zebra, ant in my dreams
Am I gone
Who's chasing me, will I find out

I've been around and around for so long
Why keep walking in and out of my life

Dejavu Dejavu
All around the world it's a review
Dejavu Dejavu
Dark rum and music, Jamiaca
Dejavu Dejavu
Hotwings and burned lips, Manila
It's all coming back to you

Would I lie
If I told you that an angel can't fly
I would die
To convince you that all kings are alive
Would you stay
It's payback time now I won't let you go
I would yeah
If I saw you in a dejavu

I've been around...........

Goldmaster oil of Arabia
Sandcastles, snakes in Sahara
Snowflakes and milk for the Iceman
Orient expressway to China
Chop sui, popcorns and movies
Cars and girls and naked bikinis
Cold water, saved by the mermaid

Railroads, airplanes, supertanker oilships
PDA's, GPA's, super hightech chips
Media go speedier, huge encyclopedias
all makes the world seem a much smaller place.
Superstitions, fobies, basketplayers, goalies,
burgerbars, racing cars, old school roadies.
Places that I wanna go,
things that I still wanna know
comes together in a Dejavu

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