Watch yo enemies - versuri C-Murder |
Watch yo enemies - versuri C-Murder |
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Versuri C-Murder - Watch yo enemies

Ya'll niggaz know one thing out there
This rap game is just like the dope game
P told ya
watch yo friends, but I'm telling ya to umm

[Chorus x2]

Watch yo mothaf***king enemies
And you might live a long time
Watch yo mothaf***king enemies
Stay strapped cause the ghetto is so wicked now


I watch my mothaf***king enemies, even watch myself
I know these niggaz wanna test me, but its bad for they health
My motto is you ain't TRU, why the f***k you up on me
I can tell by your look that your bitch a*s is phony
My brother P say C you know these niggaz gone test ya
But only real TRU niggaz don't crack under pressure
Ever since I can remember I've been TRU to the game
Now the mothaf***king media wanna know where I got my name
I'm throwing off bitch, I ain't even wrapped tight
I smoke weed all day and sell dope at night
No Limit Soldier tatted on my arm best believe
If its life or death nigga, somebody gone bleed
I got a tank full of hard niggaz from front to end
But still I watch my enemies and watch my friends

[Chorus x2]


I've been hustling from the beginning, making cash from the DMG
I hope you niggaz feel me
See everytime I step on the scene I hear you niggaz call me
Jealous cause you like my style you bitches wanna ball with me
But I trust no nigga, whether he's friend or foe
not Trying to step on my toes I'm letting you bitch niggaz know
My adversaries have died, f***king around with me
I know you niggaz can't believe I got C-Murder down with me
Boss niggaz so thick there can be no tighter group
No TRU and 2, they gotta kill me to f***k with you
I'm an a*sa*sin known for getting nasty
Show me who the niggaz are and watch me start to blasting
Its Mr. Magic known for causing havoc
Long as I'm on your side C there's no need for panic
I got your mothaf***king back for eternity
So when you slipping, I'm watching all your enemies

[Chorus x2]

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