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Ghetto ties - versuri C-Murder |
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Versuri C-Murder - Ghetto ties


Huh say man
you know who get ready bro
it seems like they dont want a young nigga to get rich
make money like we aint supposed to leave the ghetto
but uh
I aint trippin lifes a bitch
you know we was dealt some bad cards but
you know
we gotta deal with it
lifes hard so lets show em show em show em whats up

My gate way tuh hell seems like its constantly open
the reaper is callen so Im constantly smokin
C-Murder aint gonna die in vein
my ghetto ties got me livin my life in pain
see the world knows we gonna be thugs forever
you can take me out the ghetto
but you cant make it better
see the status of your money done changed
but the status of your danger remains the same
I need to clear my head of these evil thoughts
and teach magnolian gateway the s***t I was taught
take a ride wit me nigga to eternity
and watch you live tuh see anotha century
lifes a bitch who do you trust i put my faith in my glock
cause I know its gone bust
I used to think the hood was cool
but my ghetto ties keep my checkin in my rearveiw


Who do you trust?
My ghetto ties got me trippin
and lifes a bitch
they cant stand to see a young nigga get rich
I was thrust some bad cards
became a thug with no love cause lifes hard

who do you trust?
My ghetto ties got me trippin
and lifes a bitch
they cant stand to see a young nigga get rich
I was thrust some bad cards
became a thug with no love cause lifes hard

[Soulja Slim]

Lord control me
you know me
these cards I got to play em
my life is like a game
Im up from a. m. to a. m.
my donner AK hem him
if he dont have none of my paper man
if I let him live
he might take me for a faker
he might try to do a jack and that might cost me my life
if you ever jack its real nigga
you best kill me or pay the price
aint nuttin I aint fallen behind
no street machine tell me what you seen
then tell a nigga about some stoned a*s
left the murder scene disguised in army green with a infra beam
own self tryin tuh gum nigga run as soon as he heard the blast fool one
he didnt run tore his a*s up with a quick fast sight
witness that murda the first degree my ghetto ties f***n round wit me
dont do that

[Chorus x 2]

[Da Hound]

How many times have you seen a family nut up and the mom was cut up
I see now but later on Im gonna be seein now
but see how us niggas get caught up
quick to go underwater niggas take advantage of the way
life sold us
Im full of that freeze im fulla them weeds and them v's
2 23s 90 degrees
Ileft them windows down to feel the breeze
my cousin B and me and john in the back seat drinkin off brome
and to the z
thinkin bout the lives we gonna free
now tell a nigga please
soon as we drove up f***n doe was about to close up
knocked on the doe
nigga hold up you didnt see us rool up
I forced my way in I put my seven to his stars
no time for thankin
is what Im thankin kill a bitch what you fittin tuh say
I went to the kitchen Im flippin pans and pots and spoons
I heard foe glocks
sounded like foe shots commin from the other room
its bout that time for us hounds to get
gonna get the dilly for a milly
went to the next room john jones was in the zone
its over
I come to lay ya eyes buggin out his head
nigga bleedin from the mouth
hes shakin hes on his way out
but its time I took two from behind looked
john at the eyes and said nigga you ready tuh die damn nigga why

[Chorus til end]

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