Don't play no games - versuri C-Murder |
Don't play no games - versuri C-Murder |
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Versuri C-Murder - Don't play no games

bra, why you talkin' that s***, huh?
(what? you heard me)
take this s***t to the streets right now (you heard me)
all that yappin' and no action ain't called for, you dig?
(for real) (what's happenin')

they don't wanna f***k with C (bad motherf***kers)
they don't wanna f***k with me (just a bunch of bad motherf***kers)
they don't wanna go to war (bunch of bad motherf***kers)


Don't play no games, cuz boy we be bout killin'
you ain't got s***t to die for you shouldn't be livin'
get rid the f***kin' smirk ain't a damn thing funny
all my niggas know we live for weed and money
platinum and vogues on the walls of my company
cuz TRU niggas live life motherf***kin' G's
presidents and playin' in every resident
cuz pumpin' no limit s***t is essential
I make money off the words that I speak
I flip a ca*sette like I used to flip a quarter key
the rap game is like standin' on a block
every tape I sell is like a motherf***kin' dime rock
give me the money so you can keep the bitches
they don't play no game C-Murder bout his riches
the money talk and bulls***t walks pay to get delt with
and haters get they a*s kicked

Don't Play no games boy, we be bout killin'
just a bunch of bad motherf***kers just a bunch of thug niggas
Don't Play no games boy, we be bout killin'
bunch of bad motherf***kers just a bunch of thug niggas


A whole bunch of bad motherf***kers
ya we bad watch us I ain't playin' with your bitch a*s
even if I smoke weed all day drankin' on King Cobra
my eyes red my head bad I still f***k over ya
you know the name you know the game and the pain
bitches still the same bigger bank higher rank
whatcha thank your head I like your s***t don't stank
but you're gettin' spanked I'm gonna get at yours forgot that thank
you bitch who wrong move I'm gone get you
???????????? Still talking about???
you meant to but you been through
f***k what your friend do and who you kin to


[Silkk the Shocker]

we bout murder money weed ammunition guns and drugs
fake niggas stand correct show my real niggas some love
Mister I live the life of a motherf***kin' thug
7 digits bigger niggas still fightin' in clubs
you think you saw the worst bitch the worst is yet to f***kin' come
up jump and take everyone and your best to f***king run
shoot first ask questions later
quick before I lose ya ask what time it f***kin' was
i guess when you're too paranoid smokin' too much motherf***kin' bud
don't play no games bitch respect the name bitch
f***k who you came with and f***k what you sayin' bitch
you heard of Mystikal, heard of P, heard of me, and heard of C
either we solo or we ridin' thirty-d you can't stop me I know
all they can do is watch me drop ya with your eyes closed
in a project curb apartment motherf***kin' dealin'
you wanna know why we ain't smilin' cuz we thugs we mugs
ain't nothin' bout being friendly

(Chorus) (2X)

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