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Versuri C-Bo - Enemy of the state

Tell me why you're always talking on the f***n phone man
Never put the phone down your always on the phone man

[C-Bo] Yea let's get this money though my nigga
Ahh man f***ng on us man f***ng on us
Man I'm not going back to prison nigga
I already got two strikes nigga turn the music down nigga
Fo' real nigga I ain't going back f***k that
(Just take a ticket my nigga you ain't do nuthin)
The f***k is you doing
Man f***k it I'm telling you nigga don't trip
It's gonna be all good man
It's gonna be all good hey
(Here he come roll down the window)

[Police Officer] License and registration sir
[C-Bo] Ahh Ahh sure man (Boom Boom)

Code Red officer Down 29th street and Florence road
gunshot wound to the face possible one eight seven
Breaking news Sacramento police officer had been shot and killed today
in a South area gang related neighborhood
The shooter in this case has been identified as Shawn Thomas aka C-Bo
All units please be advised suspect is armed
and considered very dangerous

Can't take my back is ill tack what I know sky is the limit
But this world is full of envy hold me back I've been done it
S***t what you thought C-Bo wasn't down
It's just hella hard to get up when the hoe get to the ground
Get cha realla can't take it so they gave me a case
I got skills but I can't make it being Enemy of the State
I close my eyes pray to GOD guess this will remember me
Just like 'Pac "Against the World" but it's the world against me
Scared to see me in much you wills flossin a whip
Tossing a your bitch you slip we hit now we tossing a clips
Bossing and s***t next thing I'm bubling and cavi
cause if the cold world air maxs
All the dubs on my navi holla at me s***t fans want to see me in action
Heard they mac what they make in a year I pay in taxes
I'ma ball like the Jackson's and I won't stop till my casket
Or I hurta them bastards

Sacramento rap artist C-Bo faces crimial charges in the state of Ohio
Local police cease two firearms and one pound of marajuana
Apprehended by four US marshalls by the state of Washington
C-bo was expidedted back to California to face charges
for a fatal gang releated shooting
that left one dead and several injured

They thought it was over but it just started
and some of the hardest artists in the world
are going to how down till we death comparted
Freedom of speach got me preaching to every G on the street
We got to eat so f***k the P. D. three striking me
Not liking me want to strike me like Rodney King
But I am a home run hitter so I swing batter batter swing

Got to scheme to get away and I'm gonna scream yes yes y'all
As I put the beam to his f***n face and a new case is a hurt ya
As I point the seven inch flame in about the HK
Hit the gas and get further
I'm going to kill them like manson like the nigga from South Central
And hit the white boy in the head wit a birck and started dancin
F***k parole and Pete Wilson
I'm so fresh out the pen hoe holdin heat
Like Billy the Kid quick to split a nigga's wig
I'm the type of nigga pop you out till you lend me a cape
Till I die world wide Enemy of the State

Rap star C-Bo; since his debut on Tupac "All Eyez on Me"
seemed to be drifting down the same road as Shakur was with authorities
C-Bo's albums sales heat up after rapper's parole arrest
Thomas was acquitted for 4 years in Soledad prison
of the illegal use of firearm
He could be sent back to prison for a year
if the board of prisons determine that the lyrics
on the album promoted a gang related lifestyle

I'll bring it to them how they want it
cause there is only one way to do it
Bring it to them how they knew it on they death bed put by fluid
Put a slug in his cranium catch'em close range I'm flaming them
I'm the West Coast don loc fresh out of prison and smoke
Any nigga that set trip gotta be thirst crazy with a death wish
Better check my backround I crack crowns I never back down
You want some ruff s***t tuff s***t you get dust quick
See me in traffic grab your automatic
and bust bitch you violated my freedom
Only playback is eat'em like Dahmer
but I bomb'em with teflon when I'm on em
F***k parloe f***k prison f***k those that don't want to listen
I'm sick and I can taste your own dick for Thanksgiving
I'd killed and dug bodys and ditches and still keep a smile on my face
Hittin switches with bad bitches I'ma menace muthaf***ka you ain't heard
F***k it "Enemy of the State" is my last word

Hi I'm Jon Norris with MTV news this hour on music biz
racism and online hate speech - but first, albums have been
stickered and banned and in the past Luther Campbell
of 2 Live Crew was arrested for a night because of an onstage
performance; but on Tuesday we believe for the first time
a recording artist has been jailed for the lyrics on his record
he is Sacramento based rapper C-Bo given the name Shawn Thomas
according to the California State Department of Corrections
The new C-bo album "Till My Casket Drops" has lyrics that do just that
plus this one your about to hear.....

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