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Versuri C. A. S. H. - Whenever i...

Sitting lonely
Warmed by the fire in your eyes
I feel it inside me
As it slowly turns to ice

I cannot take it
Your image still possessing me
Behind those lies
That you were always telling me

I hide my memories

In spite of all that's left behind
The past is shattered
More than pain I couldn't find

Whenever I remember you
Together, forever - it's true
I won't feel for anybody the way I felt for you
Whenever I remember you

I've been down ever since
You left and took away my hope
You didn't want to hear
the cry of love laid in my soul

The tears are fallin'
There's nothin' I could rather do
I will collect them
And I'll give them right back to you

There's no sense or logic
Why we can't drop the whole thing out
Hate won a place in my soul
More than, more than pain...

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