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Rock n roll city - versuri C. A. S. H. |
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Versuri C. A. S. H. - Rock n roll city

There's a party at Crazy Pappy's
We're gonna bust some balls
Maybe you are not invited
The house is there for all

Can't wait until tonight
Bring the beers, chicks and guitars
I've got a feelin' that we're gonna rumble
Light the night just like a striking thunder

All town's maybe gonna get crazy
Come with me baby to the rock n' roll city
Leave your dolls tonight locked in the box
Crazy fun, s*, cigarettes, whisky on rocks.

A hell of a night, the things just started
I can't breathe when her motor's runnin'
She goes down, my back against the wall
I think it's 911 I'm gonna call

The power switch has been turned on
Rock'n roll burns up the town
Ain't that nothin' but a bunch of crazy
People headin' straight to the rock'n roll city

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