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Versuri C. A. S. H. - Make ends meet

I walk the streets alone
And I think I've seen it all
I can see what's goin' on
It reminds me of my long, long way to fall

But it's alright
We've never had what love it takes
I'm walkin' the streamline
Everything our lovin' touches breaks

Nothing new what brought in my life
But we always handled things alright

When love comes knockin'
I see the glance into your eyes
Your face keeps showin'
How you're meltin' up like ice
I can't remember
Everything we did
Things just don't matter
We gotta make ends meet

As long as I have you
Nothing scares me at all
As long as our love is due
Due to stay forevermore
I cannot hide, hide behind my dreams
It is torture
And I don't want to lay
A puddle of my own tears to hold you

Prove me wrong if I am right
There were times we did alright

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