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Versuri C. A. S. H. - Invisible

That's the only life I know
And you make me push on through
That's the only love I know
I know it's a game to you

Looking back on what we've had
What we've lost I cannot stand
Love is just another state of mind

I'm invisible to you
I'm invisible but I'll make it through
Invisible to you - to you

I've paid the price for cheap advice
And I wonder
Of the moment when it all will end
And I'm tired

I shouldn't have let you go tonight
But somewhere it just feels alright
Love was only tired of me and you

Every night before the sun goes
On your lap to sleep
I think of you and heal this grief of mine

I did my best to keep you
But somethin' wasn't right
I stand alone to make it through the night

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