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Versuri C. A. S. H. - Faking love

Until the night is gone
I'll need some answers
To rearrange some things
Set order in my life

But when you come around
I always loose my head
You tried to make me feel
We've never tried

Br: It's hard to see so much ahead
'coz love and hate walk hand in hand
I can reach through the wall of time
And I know we'll never

Chorus: Make it - We're faking love
We're faking love
We don't know what romance is
We're just pretendin'
But I don't know why
Since we have nothin'
But our cruel past
Let's end the sharade
'N live it all behind

Br: Now I can see it clear enough
Your heart is nothin' but a thief
Now I'm heartless as a rock
You better give it back to...

How many times I wanted, to be your only
dream come true
How many times I've needed... patience

When I'm down n' out
I feel like I can't go on
I raise my head
Try to be proud

Now I've had it
I cannot take it
I'm gonna do what
I've never did before...

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