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The night
It's riding its mares
Filling the air with
Lost slivers of life
Its breath is leading you nowhere
Where the inner you
Is waiting for strife

Open your eyes, but please,
Don't interrupt this ride..

The clouds
Are melting horizons
The world is thirsty
But this night is a stream;
I'm up, but i'm not sure i'm awake
This pastel looks
Rather like a dream..

Ref :
Close your eyes,
It's time to disappear
Undress these useless
Clothes and shine!
The sky is getting closer this time,
Feel the rain
Shivering down my spine

The night
Is swinging its cradles
Singing a perfect tune
But not a lullaby
The moon is hiding
Behind clouds,
Waiting for the right time
To climb down from the sky.

And i hear you
Whispering in my ear
That you don't want
The dawn to crumble this dream.
And i see your eyes
Are full of tears
You're not here right now
Or that's how it seems


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