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Versuri Byron - Peaceful mind

trimise de JunkiejkoJunkiejko.

See the dawn stretching in your eyes with a smile on
Feel the rain running down your lips but the sky's still clear - underneath
I'm in love with your painted song just the wall though
Just the drill for a perfect day when you'll scan the skyline and you'll say

Don't you know, i'm right here right now
Can't you feel me this is as real as you can get
Inside blue ski outside rainy weather
A peaceful mind not just feeling better

Take this spoon put it in your gut make a sweet peace
Hear the music for a sleepy head, i hear you humming from my bed
As if the nature imitates your smile the rain ends
A reflection of a shiny world makes the smokey air swirl

Good morning take a deep breath
The calling of a bright new day fills your chest
It's your life running through your veins
It's your day and this time it never ever ends

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