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Versuri Byron - Losing control

trimise de HellomeriHellomeri.

drop the d, i need some guts
to rearrange my spine
lose my selfish blind expression
pur a little wine
do the twist and let me spit
upon my miserable shrine
mind your business, i just need to
smudge my perfect shine

losing control is best
when you need to forget
the hard times, the big mimes
the skeletons wasting their smiles
crumbling my drained flat brain
naked beds and screams
the lost dreams, obsessed themes
the visions of a blind love

trying to pass over the great pan,
swimming the wine sea, seeking the right plea
to jump ahead again
walking the shores of a great escape
shaking the hands of the two-faced friends
giving a smile on a plate

play the double turn emotion
keep yourself in shape
let me underrate my skills and
act a little ape
i wanna land on dusty floors
have nothing to regret
waste my day, just pour some more wine
i need to pass the gate

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