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Versuri Byron - Diggin' a hole

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I have a white house, a legacy from my dear Daddy-O.
It has a backyard, a flower garden and a big fat ugly doll, a scarecrow.
I heard some neighbours buried their money in their courtyard and now they pretend to be poor,
I'll find some good cause - i will convince the others they are not secure.

Diggin' a hole, my ideals are growing down,
My goal is to make myself a fully black-gold kinki crown!

I am a nice guy, i like guns but i will not touch one,
Don't be afraid, i have my dogs though prepared to
Shoot your children while trey're drinking their lemonade.
Just put your smile back, i can revoke your damn rights whenever i want cause
I've got a white house and you're nothing but a hound dog
I can taunt!
Dig a hole, man, dig a - dig a hole!

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