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Versuri Buzz Poets - Angel eyes

He walked the earth above the ground
His smile as wide as painted skies
Blue skies
And all the creatures heard the sound
the night this child-like angel learned to fly-
in blue skies
And all I ask is why
little angels have to fly
and the stars they hide his angel eyes
I throw my hands up to the sky
and I miss his angel eyes
But he sings to me don't cry
Since heaven called his name
nothing will be the same as us together
They say legends never die
and so, my friends, this angel lives forever
I sing, I scream
I need to hear a new sound
A star has fallen
I think I hear him calling
Since the day I heard the news
my soul is melting
cause my heart is burning
He was just a child
with the sun inside his smile
In innocent skies angels fly
I see an angel in the sky
and I miss his angel eyes
But he sings to me don't cry

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