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Versuri Fall
- Butterfingers

What are you gonna to do,
now that it's gone?
There's nobody left to call you anymore
It's all coming down on you and it's all raining down,
Did you have anymore to say?
You've lost all there is to lose
so what are you gonna do?.

If your cup is empty
I will fill it up,
and I will come around and pick you up
if you fall, fall, fall, if you fall, fall, fall.

Now Saturday came and went,
like every day goes. (every day, every day)
Days never last that long,
only the lows

You took all my pictures down,
'cuz your thinking it might make you feel better
to pretend.
But its just the same old room,
so what are you going to do?.


oh yah, oh yah, oh yah, yah
(I'll pick you up if you fall,
I'll pick you up if you fall).

You can't come down,
and you wont turn around.
Now that you're gone are you still moving on.
Did you fall, fall, fall?.


Oh yah, oh yah oh yah, yah
(I'll pick you up if you fall 4x)