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Versuri Busta Rhymes - Why we die

Uhh, that's some s***..
.. that that that niggaz ain't even seen before
That's that s***! (*********s ain't never seen
nothing like this before, for real man)
It's goin down baby, uhh..
UHH! Busta Rhymes
WHAT?! Uhh, DMX nigga
Uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh

I see ghosts clearly; even though, most don't hear me
They still wanna get near me - fear me, so I'm leary
Kinda eerie what I'm feelin - from the floor, to the ceilin
Straight through the roof, want the truth?
I kinda miss robbin and stealin
cause it kept a nigga hungry, only eatin when I starved
I was ugly, so I robbed, no one loved me, s***t was hard
Went to God once in a while when it got a little too hectic
He was the only one I knew that I respected (WHY?)
Didn't know why, didn't know what I was livin was a lie
If I ain't s***t then, why should I try
See, plenty niggaz die, over dumb s***t, up in the hood
Real good heart, but up to no good
Thought I did what I could, but I guess it, wasn't enough
The Devil told me it would happen but I kept callin his bluff
When it rains it pours now, my pains are yours
as yours are what's mine, define, revolvin doors (nigga!)

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