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Versuri Busta Rhymes - What's it gonna be?!

[Busta Rhymes]
Ah ah
Ah ah
Ah, ah.. c'mon
Ah, ah, ah uh uh-uh
Uhhh, ahhh
Yeah, Busta Rhymes
Janet Jackson, here we go, one time!

Baby just tell me just how you feel (how you feel)
We livin it I'm just givin it to you real, baby c'mon
Ev-erytime we crossin the borderline
Be giving it to you makin you feel fine, turn the heat up
Better believe we gon' shine, make your body wind
Baby the pleasure is all mine -- to my people
who be regulating the dancefloor (dancefloor)
Better step to your business and handle yours, how we do it?
Making your people just wanna bounce and get busy
because you know that we always'll hit you off, what you say?
You wondering why you feeling the force (force force)
And don't you worry cause yo we ready to floss (floss floss)
Mohicans'll always a put you on
And blow the spot til the very second I'm gone - get your groove on
Now that you tired I hope your body recoupin
because we keepin you movin that's what we doin and you know we're

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