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Versuri Busta Rhymes - Street s***t

[Busta Rhymes]
Yeah.. this one appears to be very forceful..
Very forceful.. yeah, here we go now
Niggaz, bitches, where you at talk

Thug niggaz let me see y'all, yeah
Hah, before we slap niggaz silly with somethin
and put you out your misery and your sufferin
Uh-oh! Yeah, and just for frontin,
you got me bustin two nines
with one hand tied together or somethin
Ain't no mistakin we takin your trap
In case you niggaz didn't know,
you f***n with the GLADIATORS of rap
On some John Reno s***t in Professional,
how we accurate and precise when we bust
and every move is intentional
Violate and I will get at yo' a*s
And if I can't catch you track star
we'll start throwin S***T at yo' a*s
Wait a minute nigga, hold up second,
see youse a bitch and while we bust yo' a*s
yo' faggot peoples ain't even checkin
Yo y'all need to send the coroner, s***t
Leave you lookin out a place
like youse a tourist on some foreigner s***t
I be that nigga and I love to experiment
with specific high-explosives
just to take y'all niggaz out of this element, NOW!!

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