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Fire it up/turn it up - versuri Busta Rhymes |

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Versuri Busta Rhymes - Fire it up/turn it up

Uh ah uh
Check it out
Flipmode squad
Raw deluxe s***t
Check it out

I be the street s***t
The nigga your mama freak with
Put y'all niggas on it y'all know how to keep a secret
When I get money you know I like to keep it
How I get money niggas you try to peep it
Flipmode be niggas you wanna form a team with
Them get money niggas the ones to plot the scheme with
Them niggas that be used to getting money frequent
The ones that would always measure my triple beam with
Until they start taking my niggas to the precinct
That's all back in the day yo that ain't nothing recent
'Cause now-a-days it be bitches we like to speak with
Eat with Lay them down and sleep with
Type of p***y make a nigga wanna keep it
Shorty be so exotic she looking decent
Lot of corny niggas be offering wack free s***t
I can't hold the heat no more yo I gotta release it

1 - What ya'll wanna do
Don't you know we always coming through
Me and my crew
Let me hear you say fire it up (fire it up)
Say fire it up (fire it up)
To all my dogs that's straight blunted
Run around in the 500 all day
Let me hear you say fire it up (fire it up)
Say fire it up (fire it up)


Now, everytime that I meet a nigga who fronting
It's alright 'cause you getting money and everybody want it
Smoke a big sliff
Get myself for a blunted
Fall on the floor and I gotta call my S500
Iceburg 5 where you at
No need for alarm
Right now I'm cruising to the sounds of my enhancing song
Hurry up 5
Ayyo you know it's about to get thick
I see this cat a way behind my back about to do a stick
Tell me where you at
I will be there in 10 seconds flat
You know I got your back
I'll be there just in time to counteract
Sometimes I'm unforget cooth
My S5 bulletproof
I turbo boost
And blast right through your m*********g roof
Coming through
Hitting you
Knocking out a nigga's tooth
Full speed ahead like we running a toll booth
Produce more flavor than Very Fine juice
Call a truce
Before me and my niggas'll let loose

2 - All my ladies in the place to be
Getting money while they next to me
Let me see
Let me hear you say fire it up (fire it up)
Say fire it up (fire it up)
All my people just wave your hand
Getting money all across the land
One time
Let me hear you say fire it up (fire it up)
Say fire it up (fire it up)

Bleach the heat
You're letting loose to the extreme
Me and the Iceburg S5 bounce from the scene
Recline my seat rock to the beat
Leaning so hard, it's like my whole squad up in the Jeep
Blowing up the spot or we hit them know what I mean
Got you open we keeping you niggas up like caffine
Flying ghetto team
Seeing everything on my little computer screen
From here to Phillipine
Keep it moving we never run out of gasoline
Gas me you ossen a nigga with kerosine
Me and my 5 be running some mission you've never seen
Hot s***t making you niggas forever feen
Anyone of you coming, you better come clean
Hit you with an overdose of more rhyme and Phetamine
Got your eye blood shot you need Physine
Niggas is wyling I think you need to read the sireen

Repeat 1

Repeat 2

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