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Versuri Burning Tree Projekt - Christmas song

If you only knew that this Christmas
Wasn't about wishes under a star
If you only saw... it's not about stockings,
Ornaments and presents under a tree

It's more than who we are
It's more than giving gifts
Why can't you see the truth
It's what God gave to you

God sent his son, for everyone
To pay the price, and sacrifice
For everyone, for everyone
While children laugh and play their games
And concentrate on candy canes
He was born for us to die for us
My Jesus

As hearts are waiting
Adrenaline's racing
Children anticipating
Tucked in their beds,
Gifts dance in their heads
As families flock to prepare
Chasing winds gone for the taken
A day fading from its essential meaning
For a meaningless selfish substitution
Its confusing living closed in
Both eyes seeing delusions
Falling a misleading way
Rippling traditional waves
Unraveling ties slowly slipping away
To a flat man with reindeer and sleigh
Remember three wise men finding a baby in hay
Lifting up gifts and praise
Risking their lives on Christmas day

What can I say or do?
On Christmas Eve, gathering to celebrate
The birth of the king
What can I say to you?
On Christmas Day, giving out gifts and praise
For a new covenant remains
There's more to living once you take the giving God gives

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