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Versuri Mamie
- Burning Spear

Try my bes' to tell the children the res'
Try my bes' to tell the children, tell them the res'.

The res' is to love
Let them love
Let them love.

Love within equality
Love within justice
Love within rights
Let them love
Let them love
Let them love themselves
Let them love.

Pleases me to see you carry them around

Show dem places, places what they don't know
What they don't know, show dem
Pleases me to see
You taught them the way
Way to love each and ev'ryone.

Let them love, now
Let them love
Mamie, mamie
'Cause I'm your part (?) administration
Ignorance, see
Feelings, feelings are liquid
Feelings, feelings are liquid
That's why I gots to say to you
Hold your stick, mamie, don't you beat
Mamie, mamie, I talk to you
Mamie, I beg you, I beg you
Don't you beat the little children
Don't beat them so hard
Don't beat them so hard, now mamie
Feelings, feelings are liquid
Feel it, feel it, feel it...