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Chop chop - versuri Burlap To Cashmere |
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Versuri Burlap To Cashmere - Chop chop

An AWOL lover flies undercover
Before she's crucified
'Cause her ambitions are their suspicions
Of different culture pride
(refrain) And the world is crying
As we move along
And the world is trying
As we move along
But they're still chopping our tongues for a song
(chorus) Chop Chop, tongue, tongue
That's where we're from
That's what we always wore
If I retell, that's where man fell
When he put foot on floor.
A cool breeze wind blows
Breaks cynic windows
Time to obliviate
The radiation burns segregation
Leader evacuates.
Chop chop Man, sin, that's where we've been
That's what we're forced to buy.
We're killing lovers, sister and brothers.
Then there's that question why
(chorus 2x)

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