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Versuri 'til i'm laid to rest
- Buju Banton

'Til I'm laid to rest
Always be depressed
There's no life in the West
I know the East is the best
All the propaganda they spread
Tongues will have to confess.

I'm living in bondage
I've got to rise up alleviate the stress
No longer will I expose my weakness
He who seeks knowledge begins with humbleness
Work 7 to 7 but I'm still penniless
All the food upon my table Massa God bless
Holler for the needy and shelterless
Ethiopia awaits all prince and princess.


What could be so bad about the East
Everybody wants a piece
Africa for Africans
Marcus Mosiah speak
Unification outnumbers defeat
What a day when we walk down Redemption Street
Banner on heads bible in our hands

One and all lets trod the promised land
Buju go down a congo
Stopped in Sashamanne Land
The city of Harrare where Selassie come from
In Addis Abbaba then Botswana
Left Kenya end up in Ghana
Oh what a beauty my eyesight behold
Only Ethopia protect me from the cold.


Organize and centralize come as one
Our seeds shall be so many more than sand
Some new and replenish pure and clean heart
Far too long we've been under this bond
Some a save a bag a riches
Yet they die empty hand
Go on saying I'm stupid and laugh all you can
Easier for a caller to go through a needle eye
Than a rich man to enter Zion
Take it from I man