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Redder than red - versuri Buju Banton |
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Versuri Buju Banton - Redder than red

you got to feel it inna unu
Buju Banton, with the lyrical echo

right now I am red, red, red
redder than red, red, red
It just a musical vibe a rub-a-dub sensation
just a go to mi head
Repeat Chorus

I cannot keep it under cover
I cannot keep it under the shed
got to show it inna touch
this how I make my bread
dem say this is easy, dat done than said
considering all, it is
really another bread
must have fi juggle
whether rain or fall
pot have fi bubble
can't tek when picney bawl
nuh motherless, nuh fatherless
but no white squall
never had a ball to play with
nor a cookie in the jar
my little sister baby dolly mek outta far
nuf wash dem mouth but them nah reach far
say a prayer for me

Repeat Chorus
take off mi shirt, wring it up, water too much
DJ a DJ and nuh haul and pull up
wuk and stop wukand stop the vibe cut
have a fire inna me wire, can't quench with syrup
a nuh is da to k, while minus to plus
so much to deal, the poorer rage a fuss
is it all about making money or is it conscious
lighting thunder, brimstone ball buss

I want you to love my music
I really want you to feel my music
intense heat and humidity so high
dance all night until you're whole body runs dry

who make you feel good so, I & I
and make you nuh want let go
that's lie

Repeat Chorus
Repeat 1st Verse
Repeat Chorus

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