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Versuri Buju Banton - Politics time again

Why my people suffer so bad?
Who is it that should really be sad?
Is it... Is it the misplaced melancholic?

Well is't politics time again
Are you gonna vote now?
My people you ah talk
It's politics time again
Are you gonna vote now?

My god...

Verse 1:
Rise up falling suffer
Rise and take your stands again
He who fights and run away
Will live to fight another day


Make love and not war

Verse 2:
It's the time to duty
Haffi see the chance to vote
Fire bun dem constitution
Long time we need ah choose
Fed up with promises
And hopeless hope
Why the box must be empty
For those clothes
No one harm no one
True the color of the clothes, now
But some just plain greedy
No matter how we teach them
For get easy... yaw


It's the rasta them talkin'
New gear, new gear

Verse 3:
From rema-a-and
Down in the valley
Can them hear ya-a-ah
Crack down...
(it's) Has become ah gunman compound
Now bless all people who has seen this s***t
Dem cry reliclesly yeah
You keep on moving
Every minute every hour
Gunshot fall like shower
Whoa like new clear power


Verse 4:
And the likkle want, we want
And the likkle preach, we preach
Selcter buzz thier big on the street, lord
Kill people
What dem really seek?
Who is it that I man speaking?
Who is it that is controlin' the system?
Three parties and I'm not dancing
Who is it then?
Who is she then?
Now who is the Mr. In?
Yeah, it is the pain time
Again now... Whoo


Verse 5:
Everything race
But we won't live in fret
But the air we breath becomes thick with dead
Then we know Jah ah guide
We will never fret
When ever you ready ready
No more sparge
Whenever you light or heavy
Ah pure respect, lord lord lord lord
Now war, now war


Repeat Verse 2

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