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Versuri My woman now
- Buju Banton

watch yah
this man won't stand
the every day dissing
woman reminicing
whole month she been missing
comiting the ultimate sin
when a yu mi entrust with safe keeping
every single thing
when mi think yu lef di boy
gal yu still deh wid him
sneaking around privatly meeting
must did tell yu seh di doof is sleeping
true an love yu so much and mi nuh want do nothing
I going put you under manners with sweet

can't watch the finance things nuh all that balance
through the grace of the lord

we shall find our bread
baby love buh make the lack a funds
get to yu head
what provide is enough
don't have no reason fi beg
you a my girl now lets move on ahead
I've got plans for you
so much we got to do
nuh mek nuh man bust yu salad wid nuh
idiot tackle.

You may be some one else lady before
but you a my girl now
my woman now
almshouse weh use to gwaan dat can't
gwaan no more
cause you a my girl now
my woman now